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Face Treatments


Hydro-oxygen microdermabrasion

Otherwise referred to as water-oxygen microdermabrasion, it is a type of mechanical peeling where the exfoliating factor is the stream of dispersed saline droplets applied under the pressure of compressed air using a specially constructed applicator.


The basic effect of oxybrasion is the exfoliation of superficial layers of the epidermis, which stimulates the process of epidermis, i.e. healing of the epidermis. Repeated use of the treatment also affects the dermis, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.


Thanks to this, the skin's elasticity is increased and the surface wrinkles become shallow.


Face                                                                  £50

Face & Algae                                                    £55

Face & Sonophoresis                                     £55

Face & Sonophoresis & Algae                     £60

Face & manual cleaning                                £70

Face & almond peeling                                 £70

Face & neck                                                    £60

Face, neck, sonophoresis & algae                £75

Face, neck & cleavage                                    £95
Face, neck, cleavage & algea                       £105
Cleavage                                                           £50

Belly                                                                  £80

Back                                                                   £55

No-needle Mesotherapy

This is a new, scientifically proven method that facilitates the penetration of cosmetics by opening channels using electrical potentials and specific types of wave-forms.

Electric impulses facilitate and intensify the penetration of active ingredients contained in skincare cosmetics.


Devices for needle-less Mesotherapy use physical phenomena occurring in the cell membranes and in the stratum corneum of the skin, allowing the access of new ways of introducing active preparations without the need to use needles. The treatment is carried out with the use of high voltage unidirectional radio frequency current.



Eyes area                                                    £30
Face                                                            £40

Face & neck                                               £45

Cleavage                                                     £40

Face, neck & cleavage                             £80

Belly                                                            £60
Thighs (inside)                                          £60

Thighs (outer side)                                   £60

Buttocks                                                     £60

Arms                                                            £55

Sonophoresis treatment

The aim of the treatment is the introduction of active (medicinal, cosmetic) substances into the deeper layers of the epidermis. These substances (vitamins, peptides) by manual injection,

 Massage, penetrate to a small extent. On the other hand, those injected with ultrasound cross the barrier of the hydro-lipid coat and cell membranes and penetrate the living layers of the epidermis. Sonophoresis causing micro-massage improves blood circulation of the epidermis and regeneration of damaged tissues.

Treatment time 10-20 min.



Face                                                              £15

Face (price for treatment)                         £5

Face & Neck                                              £20

Face + neck + cleavage                             £25

Clavage                                                       £15


The treatment with radio waves (RF) is one of the best methods of non-invasive skin rejuvenation. With the aid of radiofrequency, we can achieve a similar effect that unpleasant and painful treatments of aesthetic medicine give us.


It is not without reason that it is often called "scalpel without a scalpel"



Eyes area                                                   £30

Face                                                            £45

Face & Neck                                              £55

Face, neck, cleavage                               £90

Neck & cleavage                                      £40

Cleavage                                                    £45


It is a procedure in which we use high-frequency currents, more precisely it is an electrotherapy.

There are two types of darsonvalization.

Local and general. This general task is to calm us down, relax, or have a calming effect. It is also used for insomnia, which can be caused by various disorders, especially in the vegetative system.


Locally, it is used for various skin problems, like seborrhoea, herpes

(but in the first stage, when it only makes itself known, prevents further development),

stimulates blood circulation of the skin, with skin that is earthy or even gray or with the occurrence of acne vulgaris.

When hair loss is like stimulating massage of the bulb for further work. As a face massage.



The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.



Face                                                            £10

Face  (price to treatment )                        £5

Face & Neck                                              £12

Face, neck, cleavage                                 £15

Cleavage                                                    £10

Head                                                           £15

Back                                                            £15

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