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Flowers and Nails
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Japanese manicure


Natural protection and giving the nail plate a unique glow. Japanese manicure is used for brittle, brittle and split nails. Thanks to the ingredients and vitamins contained in the paste applied with the help of a polisher, we significantly improve the appearance and hardness of the nail plate, while providing nutrients that deeply soak up the nail plate inequalities and cracks.


It stays on the nails for about 2 weeks. In order for the treatment to bring the desired effect, the treatment should be performed until the nail plate is fully joined on average every 2-3 week



Manicure                                                        £20


File & polish                                                   £10


French polish                                                  £10


File & French polish                                     £14


Polish change                                                   £7


Manicure & paraffin                                     £27


Paraffin                                                             £15


Just for men manicure                                  £18  

Japanese manicure                                       £20


SHELLAC manicure                                      £25


Nail extension Acrylic: - Full set                 £35


Full set + holograms, French, gems           £45


Infill's                                                              £30


One nail Acrylic                                                £5


Soak off                                                           £10


Soak off & manicure                                    £25 


Pedicure Callus Peel CALLUS PEEL


is a 4-stage, innovative system allowing to perform professional pedicures - without the need to soak your feet or use a milling machine.

By combining the operation of the products included in the kit, you can perform the procedure quickly, easily and safely. The pedicure done with the use of CALLUS PEEL has not only beauty, but also healing properties.


It allows easy and painless removal even of accumulated and horny skin, eliminates discomfort associated with cracked skin of the feet, makes even the dried skin of the heels becomes a mild !!! An additional advantage of CALLUS PEEL is a simple way to perform the procedure. It is enough to apply special, soaked petals on the feet, wrap with foil, wait 15 minutes, remove with a plastic knife, and then wipe away the remains of the skin with a special hygienic grater, with exchangeable abrasive fields. At the end of the application of the cream, which greatly softens and moisturizes the skin. Fast, effective, and the effect of the treatment is very good


Pedicure                                                              £23 


Pedicure Callus Peel                                         £30


Pedicure & paraffin                                          £30


Pedicure SPA                                                      £23

Pedicure SHELLAC                                           £38

Just for men pedicure                                      £20

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